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Wen 4288 Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand

The wen 4288t cast iron bench grinder pedestal stand is perfect for use with cast iron benchtops. It has a water pot to help clean them and a cast iron bench top to polishing. The stand is sturdy and holds up to 4 tables or cast iron benchtops.

Wen 4288 Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand Amazon

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Best Wen 4288 Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand

This cast iron bench grinder is perfect for those who are looking for a powerful and no-nonsense bench grinder. This bench grinder is made from high-quality cast iron and has a thin blade for a sharp shreddedmetal job. It also has a pedestal stand that can be used for how to sharpen a cast-iron bench top. The stand has an easy-to-use water pot, and the cast iron blade is ground against a smooth, bumpy surface that makes for even distribution of power. The pedestal stand offers a cool, cool-climate bench surface to work with, and the bench has a comfortable, firm feel to it. It is sturdy and easy to use, making it a great choice for busy professionals or home employers. The stand is also comfortable to use, the wen 4288 cast iron bench grinder pedestal stand is perfect for use with bench equipment. This stand has a water pot to help clean the bench surface. The stand is also adjustable to as low as 24" tall or to as high as 44" tall.