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Vintage Coffee Grinder

This is a vintage coffee grinder with a hand crank wheel manual cast iron coffee bean grinder. It is a great tool for grinding coffee beans or coffee grounds. It measures about 9 inches long by 2 inches wide, and has a sharp blade. This grinder is in very good condition with no any chips, cracks, or chips in the blade. It is also functions as a coffee mill, allowing the user to ground or princessienne coffee beans.

Old Coffee Grinders

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Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder History

Thiscast iron coffee mill is anice vintage look coffee mill from a cast iron coffee mill company. This coffee mill is made of hand-cranked gear and is related to the history of the cast iron coffee mill company. This company was founded in the early 1800s and makes cast iron coffee mills for the printing and grocery trade. The company has many interesting details about their history including grindersguide. Biz store and a blog. this vintage wooden coffee grinder is a great addition to your coffee grinder collection. This coffee grinders is original in the box and has the79 original box. This coffee grinder is perfect for your coffee machine. this vintage commercial coffee grinder is a great addition to your coffee house. The grinder is made from black plastic and has a zassenhaus coffee roaster on one end and a milkshake on the other. The coffee is written in both spanish and german on the roaster. this hand grinder is from the classic old school coffee shop and is inspired by the grinders from the 50's and 60's. It has a wooden handle and a red and black grinder style bowl, and is inspired by world coffee backgrounds. This grinder is perfect for making fresh coffee, or using to grinder coffee beans.