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Inland Glass Grinder

The inland glass grinder is a perfect way to get your metal hobby started. This equipment is perfect for getting a large amount of metal from each piece of glass you work with.

Wiz Grinder

The world’s first airtight grinder is now available as a hands-free tool! The grinder is made from durable plastic and is equipped with an impact filter to prevent debris build-up. The grinder has a 0. 8in blade and a sharp point that allows you to get the job done. This grinder is perfect for those who need to get the job done quickly and easily.

Inland Grinder Bits

The inland grinder bits are a new type of glass maker that is based on the principles of grinder technology. This means that you can use them to get small pieces of glass without having to worry about either having to sharpen your glass or taking time off your day to do that. So if you're in the market for a new glass maker and don't want to spend a lot of time getting your pieces of glass sharpened, the inland grinder bits are a good choice. this inland glass grinder has a tall, slender design that is great for cutting glass specifically. It has a hard durable material that is well-made with a smooth design. The blade is changeable to ensure different cuts for best results. Additionally, the grinder has a-law system that allows you to control the speed of the blade. this beautiful grinder is handcrafted from stained glass and complete with a beautiful glass shaped blade grinder. This grinder is perfect for in- boxs or larger glass shapes. The grinder is also quartz-tobacco friendly and easy to operate. the inland wizard glass grinder is a quality brass grinder that angles its glass to produce 4 inland wizard patterns. The angle is achieved by turning a bit head on the angled glass grinder. The top quality brass is then processed into incredible looking glass.