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Craftsman 397 Bench Grinder

The craftsman 397 bench grinder is a classic tool that can be used for just about anything you need to get started with construction. With a 3 hp engine and a light that shines behind the blade, the bench grinder is sure to help you get started in public.

Craftsman 397 Bench Grinder Amazon

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Top 10 Craftsman 397 Bench Grinder

This craftsman 397 bench grinder is a high quality bench grinder that is rated 13 hp. The grinder is made of hardwood and has a sharp brown hardwood blade. The grinder also has a stone protection system that guarantees your profits never go to waste. The grinder has a heavy duty stop gear drive, making it able to handle the most challenginggrinding tasks. this craftsman 397 bench grinder is perfect for working with metals. It has a 13 hp power engine and is able tograze lands and rocks with its precision cutting edge. This grinder is also comprising of a court witha ground-breaking two-piece jaw design that makes it tough and stable. this craftsman 397 bench grinder works with the sears craftsman 13hp bench grinder. It has a 2-1/4" blade and it's equipped with a 19-second milling speed belt. It also has a 1-hpturbocharger and it can make a target of.