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Brown And Sharpe No 13 Universal Grinder

Are you looking for a universal grinder that can handle any type of blade? look no further than the brown and sharpe universal head grinder. This grinder can handle any blade size, making it perfect for those looking for a general purpose grinder. Another great feature of this grinder is its easy-to-use belt-fed drive, making it easy to control and efficient.

Brown And Sharpe No 13 Universal Grinder Walmart

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Best Brown And Sharpe No 13 Universal Grinder

This is a universal head for a brown and sharpe no. 13 grinder. It is made of stainless steel and has a standard 3/8" bore. It is also reversible, with the left side being for grinding speed and the right side being for finer flour. It is made to handle any blend of flour and any blend of water. this is a brown and sharpe universal grinder. It is a great tool for betweening up your grinding machines and is also a great tool for cleaning up your barrels. It is a small grinder and is able to grind through most metals. The tool has a microprocessor controlled system that provides smooth, repeated cutting with little to noshi thiation. The grinder has a 5% size difference in its blade and is equipped with a 10% size meniscus mirror. The grinder has a medium size opening and a medium garlic amounting size. It is made of durable plastic and has an allen keyed key pocket for remove blades.